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Returns and Refunds

To make a return for any reason you must return the item with this form: Returns Form. In addition please locate the order number and write it on the front of the package with letters RMA in front of it. (The order number can be found on your confirmation email or on the paperwork received with the order where it is called the 'channel number').

More information on exchanges and returns may be viewed in our terms and conditions.


We are continuing to operate as normal dispatching our orders via Royal Mail and Parcelforce.

Please be aware that Covid-19 is causing some sporadic delays for a multitude of reasons. Please wait 10 working days for your delivery after we have confirmed dispatch. If after 10 working days you have not received your order then please contact us. Thanks.

Depending on measures taken by the Government in areas where movement may be restricted or our delivery partners are unable to deliver due to restrictions in other areas then your order may be delayed.

Both our carriers are very reliable and will eventually get your order to you. Please be patient! Your order is important to us but the wellbeing of those in the delivery chain is more important.

International Orders

Restrictions in many countries are causing substantial delays to normal delivery times. We remain confident that orders will be delivered eventually. Please be patient - thank you.

Shipping to all UK postcodes

Shipping is via 1st class Royal Mail or by courier at our discretion.

Order value up to:

Shipping cost





£500 +


Shipping to Europe

Shipping to Europe is via Air Mail for packages up to 2kg or by courier where the order exceeds 2kg.
These prices are a guide though on occasion we may have to contact you for further payment if the cost of the shipping significantly exceeds the guide prices.

For orders placed 1 January to 1 July 2021

Local taxes and import duties where applicable are the responsibility of the recipient.

For orders shipped to EU countries with a value under €22 no vat or duties need to be paid in the receiving EU country. (The reality of this is that a lot of countries don't bother collecting vat if the amount of vat to collect is below €5, at minimum, as the cost of collecting the vat exceeds the revenue received. So quite often orders in excess of €22 will not be charged vat! Though we don't promise this!)

For orders between €22 and €150 local vat may need to be paid by the recipient. The company making the delivery - in most cases your local postal carrier - will make the request. No duty will need to be paid.

Orders over €150 the recipient may need to pay duty (though we don't believe any of our products will apply we are still awaiting the final tariff lists) and then local vat on the combined amount. The carrier will make this request of the purchaser.

Order value up to:

Shipping cost














45 + excess

For orders placed after 1 July 2021 - when shipping to the EU

A new VAT scheme comes into force throughout the EU and UK where orders under €150 have the vat collected by the seller thus allowing a quicker more free flowing transaction between trading partners whilst protecting the tax revenue for the receiving country. Once details are finalised we will update this entry.

Rest of World

Shipping to the rest of the world is via Air Mail for packages up to 2kg or by courier where the order exceeds 2kg.

The prices below are a guide. For packages up to 2kg the prices shown should be correct for parcels over 2kg if there is any additional cost we will notify you after you have placed the order. Overseas shipping costs can be all over the place depending on destination, weight, size and urgency of the product!

Local taxes and import duties where applicable are the responsibility of the recipient.

Order value up to:

Shipping cost - Exluding USA

Shipping cost - USA

















£80.00 + excess

£95 + excess

We are responsible for the insurance of your order until it reaches you.

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