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Saphir Extra-fine Cream - Bronze No76

Saphir Extra-fine Cream - Bronze No76

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Saphir Surfine Cream is a beesax based formulation that allows for the incorporation of very high proportions of waxes that protect against water. The polish provides excellent cleaning properties. By working natural waxes into damaged areas, the very high pigment concentration repairs and recolours the grain of the leather. The waxes give effective protection and provide an unrivalled shine. The cream is enriched with almond oil to nourish the skin of the leather in depth. 50ml. Each. 74 colours !

- We recommend that you alternate with Saphir High Gloss Polish.

SAPHIR are a French company making their premium shoe care products in France. They use quality products and are the only brand to not use any resin or silicon in the manufacture of the polishes.

Price: 7.95

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