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Dasco Ladies Albany Flat Wood Shoe Tree

In stock

Dasco Flat Shoe Tree - fully lasted ladies wood shoe tree with brass knob and single brass tube for low heel shoes. Suitable for shoes with a heel of up to about 1.5 inches. Per pair.

Limited quantites available!

Economy split last shoe tree

In stock

Fully lasted economy hardwood shoe tree. Spring split forepart (for width), double brass springs tubes (for length) and brass knob.

Metal Shoe Stretcher - Unisex - Small: Size EU 34-37

In stock

A heavy duty all metal and brass unisex stretcher designed to go in shoes with a heel of up to 6cm to expand around the toe, ball of foot and front of arch. The stretcher comes with different attachments to make it suitable for left or right feet as well as nodules that can be inserted in holes to stretch at specific pressure points. Suitable for use for expanding around bunions, hammer toe and general widening to make footwear more comfortable.

Can be used for men's and ladies shoes. For low to medium height heels - will work with most shoes and many low rise boots such as walking boots, Chelsea boots, etc. Sold individually.

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