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Boot Stretcher for High Heels - Forefoot - Metal

Boot Stretcher for High Heels - Forefoot - Metal

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Metal boot stretcher for boots and shoes with a heel. It can be used for either the left or right foot. It comes with a long crank which makes it easier to turn the expanding part for stretching the front part of boots. The main body is heavy duty metal and brass. The boot stretcher is designed to go into boots to expand around the toe, ball of foot and forward arch areas. The boot stretcher comes with different plastic attachments (red bits in the pictures) to make it suitable for left or right feet as well as plastic nodules that can be inserted in holes to stretch at specific pressure points. The crank (not including the foot part) is 47cm long. It can be used for medium to high heels. Suitable for use for expanding around bunions, hammer toe and general widening to make footwear more comfortable. Each.

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Boot Stretcher for High Heels - Forefoot - Metal

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Customer Comment:

This works well once you figure out how to get those long red side bits - that are supposed to make it a more natural fit to the left of right shoe - to not fall out! The plastic pegs on those are too small to stay in the large side holes they're supposed to fit into. I fixed mine by cutting a thin strip of duct tape and taping that around the peg to make it thick enough to stay in the hole of the metal foot part. It takes some experimenting to find the right length of duct tape for just the right thickness, but once you have it, you can get those red attachments to stay in place. This was especially necessary for me because I have to use both of them (on each side) to make the foot part wide enough to get a stretch on a high-heel size EU 42 (UK 8) boot. This stretcher needs to be made in a size larger than the "medium" you offer. Believe it or not, women with larger feet also wear stylish high heel shoes and most of us are not masochists.

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