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100cm Sports Flat Shoe Laces - Brown

100cm Sports Flat Shoe Laces - Brown

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Shoe lace size guide

Shoe lace sizes are a fabulously variable item - the length of a lace is pretty much absolute whereas the length required is infinite! Things to consider when measuring your shoe lace are how far apart the eyelets are and indeed your preferred lacing pattern and how much lace you like to have for tying off.

If you have a whole existing shoe lace then measure it. If you don't have a complete existing shoe lace then get some thread or a piece of string and thread it through (not forgetting to have sufficient to tie off). When happy with the length then cut off the surplus take it out of the shoe and measure it.

There are many different methods and patterns in which a shoe lace can be threaded and these do effect the length of the shoe lace required.

The below information is only a rough guide and will vary from shoe to shoe or boot to boot!


45cm/18in Up to 3 - 5 pairs of eyelets
60cm/24in Up to 4 - 6 pairs of eyelets
75cm/30in Up to 5 - 7 pairs of eyelets

Leisure and Fashion
90cm/35in Up to 6 pairs of eyelets
100cm/39in Up to 7 pairs of eyelets
120cm/39in Up to 8 pairs of eyelets
140cm/55iin Up to 9 pairs of eyelets

Boots and sports shoes
150cm/59in Up to 10 pairs of eyelets
180cm/70in Up to 12 pairs of eyelets
210cm/84in Up to 14 pairs of eyelets


Dasco flat 100cm Shoe Laces. Suitable for sports shoes, Converse style shoes, and all manner of other footwear. Approx 9mm wide. Mixed fibre for added durability. Per pair.

Vendor Dasco
Colour Brown
Length 100cm
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Customer Reviews

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Mark C
Good swift delivery although the postage charge was excessive

Good swift delivery although the postage charge was excessive when they (shoe laces) could have been sent through the normal post.

After service non existent, I had a question which I emailed and have heard nothing since. Too short and nobody will answer my request to exchange them

Stuart B
More than happy, I have tried to get shoe laces for my Mephisto shoes for ages.

More than happy, I have tried to get shoe laces for my Mephisto shoes for ages. They had exactly what I wanted, I will certainly be using The Shoe Lace co again. Perfect colour. Match the original which always seem to be impossible----until now.

Raymond S

ARRIVED ON TIME. 100cm Sports Flat lace - Black and brown

Gwyn G
Delivery within 24 hours -much appreciated

Delivery within 24 hours -much appreciated. Quality and pricing of product very competitive.

Michael N
Site easy to use

Site easy to use. As ordered, does the job